About Me

Welcome to my site.

I am passionate about photography and image making.  In addition to crafting beautiful images, I am also excited about the journey of continual learning.  There are always new techniques to invent and master.  There are countless places to travel to, explore and capture.

I have learned a lot from the web.  There are plenty of great sites documenting the work of many.  For anyone wanting to learn,  the information is there free and easily accessible.  I thank all of the folks who have taken the time to write or video their successes and failures.  This body of work accelerates us all.

This site is my modest attempt to add to the existing body of work.   In some cases what is represented is new, in others an amplification of what has been said, with a different voice.  In the end, I hope this adds to the larger body of knowledge, and that accelerates the journey of others.

If you are interested in seeing my work, please join me on my gallery site www.solsticpehoto.com.

Disclaimer: Product links from this site are most likely affilate links. This means I might make a few percentage of the sales price on recommended products.   In all cases, I will only link to products that I have personally used.  These affiliate links and ads I serve are intended to help me recover some of the cost of my journey and in no way affect the price you pay for items.

Thanks for being here.

Eric Hagemann